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Lea Thompson biography - newsThompson, star of "Caroline in the City" from 1995 through 1999, is starring on the Nikos Stage at Williamstown Theatre Festival in a show titled, oddly enough, "Caroline in Jersey," which opens Wednesday, Aug. 5, at 8 p.m.

"I was actually making a movie with three of my friends from the show ('Caroline in the City') when I got this play," replied Thompson, explaining that it was the first time the four had been reunited since the sitcom. In another serendipitous twist, she said, "Wendie Malick (who is starring in 'What is the Cause of Thunder' at WTF, which closes Sunday, Aug. 2) was in the movie, and she said, 'It's great! Do it!'"

"I'm always open to these signs from the universe," she said with an easy grin.

But in addition, and probably more importantly, there was the piece itself, a play by Melinda Lopez.

"It's incredibly beautiful," she said. "I wept and laughed when I read it. . It's really an honor honestly to be asked to do a piece that's this beautiful, to put something this beautiful into the world, and it's rare."

This Caroline is a very different character from the previous Caroline whom Thompson portrayed. Rather than a successful cartoonist living in Manhattan, this Caroline is down and out in New Jersey, an actress having a nervous breakdown whose career is failing.

"She's having a crisis. Her life is falling apart. She has to deal with grief and move on," Thompson said. With such a different character, it would seem this would not be the part for Thompson, but in fact it is, for multiple reasons - more on http://www.advocateweekly.com/ci_12938649

Short movie "The Check" starring Lea Thompson is available on the YouTube and here's the link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1nKBUs02iQ

Set of new photos is available in the gallery, some of them are from Lea's appearance on Collectormania 13 in Milton Keynes (United Kingdom) on May 3rd 2008.

I've dug out the stills from Lea Thompson's appearances in 80's commercials and "Murder Anyone?" video game - quality is rather poor, but still they are fun to watch ;)

For long time I didn't have time for updates, but today I've added the ultimate Caroline in the City quiz with really vicious questions, I've added more CITC characters to the list and voting, also a small update of movies list.

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Lea Thompson will be appearing at the Camelot Artists' Building in Together Fundraiser at UCLA on October 22, 2006.

Caroline in the City is finally released on DVD, right now only 1st season is available, but 2nd is announced to be released before end of the year.

You may order Season 1 on one of those sites:
Play.com | Laserdisken.dk | Amazon.de | Amazon UK | Sendit.com and others...

Since there isn't any way to persuade NBC to publish "Caroline in the City" in any civilised way please put Your votes for this series on TV Shows on DVD website. Maybe this way we could finally get CITC episodes available to buy...

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Lea Thompson about "Jane Doe":

"I was thinking maybe I should change the name from 'Jane Doe,' because with 'Caroline in the City' I felt like it missed being a superhit by just one name - 'Sex and the City'."

"Maybe I should really take a clue from Kirstie Alley and change the name to 'Flat Actress' because that's what I've always worried about. I've done movies where they had all the departments get together ... special effects, wardrobe, props ... everyone getting into make my boobs look big. But," she adds, "that's the good thing about playing a superspy on Hallmark ... They're not worried about that."

Lea Thompson will appear as Cathy Davis in Hallmark series Mystery Movie - the episode called "Jane Doe" is planned to debut on January 21st 2005.

"She is a really fun character because you see all her possibilities," Thompson said. "If they decide she can fly a plane or be a sharpshooter, or a dancer - she is supposed to be so great at disguising herself, so she could do anything. She's an odd superhero mom."

"Cathy and Darnell play off each other, not flirting, but just these little asides that show off her sense of humor," she said.

"It's how all moms feel, like they're saving the world but nobody notices," Thompson said. "She's doing this for her own personal satisfaction, and she isn't getting any appreciation from the government or her family."

Thompson said she fully related to the role: "I'm an actress, and on the set I am worrying about the script, I'm mothering everyone, and then I go home and everybody there is like, 'Why isn't dinner ready?' And so in a way the struggle of the character feels more real to me than a lot of roles."

Season number 6 of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" opens with a twisty case involving a widow (Lea Thompson) who claims she has finally found her daughter, a child she says was kidnapped four years earlier.

Lea Thompson will star in Hallmark Channel movie "Jane Doe" (part of three "Mystery Movie" franchises). According to producers she will play a soccer mom with an extraordinary ability to solve puzzles who has a secret life as an independent contractor working for the government.

The premiere is set for January 2005.

Lea Thompson was one of the celebtry guests on Parkinson's Resource Organization 15th Annual Gala in Los Angeles. The non-profit PRO, headquartered in Palm Desert, CA, is a lifeline for the families of people with Parkinson's Disease.

Lea Thompson is on cast list for "Come Away Home" family-oriented movie, which is about to be filmed July 2004 on Hilton Head Island.

Lea Thompson had guest appearance in TV series "Ed" (in 4 episodes) - I've added few pictures from scenes with her.

On November 30th premiere of Lea's new movie is planned - "Stealing Christmas" starring with Tony Danza. Take a look at the promotional pictures.

February 2003 - end of "For the People" TV-series 1st season.

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