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Balancing the Books (2009)

feature film

not bad, not good
not bad, not good
just few scenes with Lea
just few scenes with Lea

Short description:

Attractive woman raped by a man she was dating seeks help of her friends to get even.

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Balancing the Books

Creators of Balancing the Books

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Cast of Balancing the Books

Dina Meyer movies dina-meyer

as Julia

Lea Thompson movies

as Rebecca

Lela Rochon movies lela-rochon

as Sharlene

Ed Begley Jr movies ed-begley-jr

as Reverend Vernon

Ernie Hudson movies ernie-hudson

as Detective Carter

Tess Harper movies tess-harper

as Naomi

Mark Derwin movies mark-derwin

as David

Justice Leak movies justice-leak

as Coleman

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