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Caroline in the City (1995)

tv series

miss it and you will regret it
miss it and you will regret it
not to be missed
not to be missed

Short description:

Caroline Duffy, is a successful cartoonist in New York City, but in her personal life things aren’t going as well. She had to hire a new colorist, Richard Karinsky, who is painter and dreams about being discovered as an artist. With time Richard falls in love with his employer, but since she is already engaged he doesn’t see any chance to be with her and decides to disappear from Caroline’s life. But Caroline discovers that she loves Richard... well, exactly when they can’t be together.

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Lea Thompson movies

as Caroline Duffy

Amy Pietz movies amy-pietz

as Annie Spadaro

Malcolm Gets movies malcolm-gets

as Richard Karinsky

Eric Lutes movies eric-lutes

as Del Cassidy

Andy Lauer movies andy-lauer

as Charlie

John Mariano movies

as Johnny

Sofia Milos movies sofia-milos

as Julia Karinsky

Anthony Tyler Quinn movies anthony-tyler-quinn

as Randy

Robert Gant movies robert-gant

as Trevor

Mark Feuerstein movies

as Joe DeStefano

Candice Azzara movies candice-azzara

as Angie Spadaro

Dan Butler movies dan-butler

as Kenneth Arabian

Caroline in the City trivia

Howard the Duck
In episode 1.2 Caroline And The Mugger Caroline (played by Lea Thompson) was on the way to Atlantic City together with her boyfriend Del. He insisted that she hide his credit card so he would not lose all his money. When she found out that he did not give her the credit card she said "Del, this is your Blockbuster card. What are you affraid? I go crazy and wanna rent Howard the Duck?". It was an inside joke - Lea Thompson played the main part in Howard the Duck, the movie that is considered one of the worst in history.

Caroline in the City quotes

Del Cassidy:
You know that thing women are always saying, "Size doesn’t matter!" That’s true, right?
Annie Spadaro:
Del, give women some credit. Of course size doesn’t matter! Unless you’re having sex.

Pete Spadaro:
Look, pop, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I’m just not cut out for the funeral business.
Lou Spadaro:
Then all of a sudden, you’re too good for it. Let me tell you something, Petey. I started that business with nothing but a dead body and a dream!

Del Cassidy:
[about Caroline’s cereal] So, what’s your gimmick going to be? You know, are you fruity, nutty, crunchy?
Caroline Duffy:
Actually, I think I’m a flake.
Richard Karinsky:
Anyone want that one?
Annie Spadaro:
[about Richard] Oh, you’re just bummed because they’re not making the Richard Karinsky cereal, Not-So-Cheerios.

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