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Ed (2000)

tv series

not bad, not good
not bad, not good
worth to see if you are fan
worth to see if you are fan

Short description:

Tom Cavanagh plays Ed Stevens a hotshot New York City lawyer who upon finding out that his wife is cheating on him moves back to his hometown of Stuckyville where he buys the local bowling alley and sets up his new law practice.

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Creators of Ed

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Cast of Ed

Tom Cavanagh movies tom-cavanagh

as Ed Stevens

Julie Bowen movies julie-bowen

as Carol Vessey

Josh Randall movies josh-randall

as Mike Burton

Jana Marie Hupp movies jana-marie-hupp

as Nancy Burton

Lesley Boone movies lesley-boone

as Molly Hudson

Michael Ian Black movies michael-ian-black

as Phil Stubbs

Rachel Cronin movies rachel-cronin

as Shirley Pifko

Justin Long movies justin-long

as Warren Cheswick

Mike Starr movies mike-starr

as Kenny Sandusky

Michael Genadry movies michael-genadry

as Mark Vanacore

Lea Thompson movies

as Liz Stevens

Rena Sofer movies rena-sofer

as Bonnie Hane

Ed quotes

Mr. Stevens, where’s your attorney?
Ed Stevens:
Actually, Your Honor, I’m representing myself in this matter.
Haven’t you heard the saying, "He who represents himself has a fool for a client?"
Ed Stevens:
Yes sir, I have, and I tried my best to convince me not to hire me to represent myself, but I simply refused to listen to me.

Mike Burton:
I figure I’ll go downtown once a month, maybe work the hotel lobbies, sell my body to aging divorcees.
Nancy Burton:
Well, honey, you really think we can live on thirty-eight cents a month?

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