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Lea Thompson - Jaws 3

Jaws 3 (1983)

feature film

unfortunately forgettable
unfortunately forgettable
worth to see if you are fan
worth to see if you are fan

Short description:

Another incarnation of original Jaws - this time huge shark is attacking tourists in amusement park in Florida.

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Dennis Quaid movies dennis-quaid

as Mike Brody

Bess Armstrong movies bess-armstrong

as Dr. Kathryn Morgan

Simon MacCorkindale movies simon-maccorkindale

as Philip FitzRoyce

Louis Gossett Jr movies louis-gossett-jr

as Calvin Bouchard

Lea Thompson movies

as Kelly Ann Bukowski

John Putch movies john-putch

as Sean Brody

Jaws 3 trivia

Lea Thompson big-screen debut
This was Lea Thompson big-screen debut and a step into new part of life - she got engaged with co-star Dennis Quaid. As she said in one of the interviews she had to lie that she actually can ride on the water skis to get this part. Well, but it was worth it, I suppose...

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