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Lea Thompson unofficial site - 90 faces of Lea Thompson. This site, as You may guessed, is dedicated to very unique actress - Lea Thompson. And who is Lea Thompson? Well, if You don't know then You most probably have spent last 20 years in the woods of Siberia...

Lea Thompson have starred in such movies as Back to the Future, Some Kind of Wonderful, Caroline in the City comedy series or Red Dawn. She worked with actors like Patrick Swayze, Martin Sheen, Tom Cruise, Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox and many more.

Also this site contains some informations about comedy series Caroline in the City that Lea starred in together with Amy Pietz, Malcolm Getz, Eric Lutes and Andy Lauer.

This site is new version of 90 faces of Lea Thompson which is unofficial Lea Thompson page and right now is the only fully interactive site about Lea Thompson available on the net.

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