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The Beverly Hillbillies (1993)

feature film

could have been better
could have been better
not to be missed
not to be missed

Short description:

Movie based on TV-series "Beverly Hillbillies' popular in the 1960s - the Clampett family gets very rich thanks to oil discovered on their land and they move to Beverly Hills. Comedy is based on the differences between previous and current lifestyle.

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Creators of The Beverly Hillbillies

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Cast of The Beverly Hillbillies

Jim Varney movies jim-varney

as Jed Clampett

Lea Thompson movies

as Laura Jackson

Diedrich Bader movies diedrich-bader

as Jethro Bodine

Erika Eleniak movies erika-eleniak

as Elly May Clampett

Cloris Leachman movies cloris-leachman

as Granny

Dabney Coleman movies dabney-coleman

as Milburn Drysdale

Lily Tomlin movies lily-tomlin

as Jane Hathaway

Rob Schneider movies rob-schneider

as Woodrow Tyler

Kevin Connolly movies kevin-connolly

as Morgan Drysdale

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as Barnaby Jones

Dolly Parton movies dolly-parton

as Dolly Parton

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